Working together

As an enabling organisation InfraCo Africa relies on the strong relationships we build with governments, developers, investors and the local communities in which we work. We believe that working together, in partnership, is the best way to develop the infrastructure that sub-Saharan Africa needs.

We would like to work with you: to reduce the risks and costs associated with your early-stage project or to deploy your skills and experience within our existing portfolio.

Helping to develop your projects

We are always keen to hear about new opportunities that fit within our mandate, have a positive developmental impact on communities and require our support to succeed. We can help by providing funding and oversight directly to your project or otherwise by providing experienced resource through our developers. If you have a project that you think could benefit from additional funding and expertise then please review our investment criteria and process and, if eligible, apply.

We are funded by governments and believe this gives us a unique insight into the challenges faced by the public sector: especially for those first, frontier private sector partnerships. As a member of the PIDG we can unlock additional support for sub-Saharan governments as we pioneer private sector participation. We can help you to set-up new regulatory frameworks, undertake resource or environmental studies and develop best practice project documents. Please get in touch to find out how we can work together.

Helping us to develop projects

We actively and continuously build our delivery network, seeking out the knowledge and talent we need to ensure our projects are a success. We advertise open tenders and open jobs online or alternatively contact us directly to tell us about your business or yourself.


Working together at KIS

Listen to representatives from our business, our principle developer and the CEO of Kalangala Infrastructure Services (KIS) as they talk about working together to transform Bugala Island, Uganda.

Report a concern

InfraCo Africa has a zero-tolerance policy towards fraud, bribery and corruption. If you have any concerns then we would encourage you to report them.

Your call can be kept anonymous.

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