We can develop projects across sub-Saharan Africa with a few exceptions. The adjacent map shows all those countries that InfraCo Africa is looking to do business within.

We prioritise Least Developed Countries (LDCs), Other Low Income Countries (OLICs) and fragile or conflict-affected states when choosing projects to develop. The OECD classifies countries into each of these categories on an annual basis. Please check our Operating Policies and Procedures for the latest list.

We are currently developing projects in: Chad, Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Republic of Guinea, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. We have also worked in Cape Verde, Ghana and Kenya.


  • Energy

    We support power generation, transmission and distribution projects, including rural electrification. We prioritise the development of gas-fuelled or renewable power such as solar, wind, hydro or geothermal.

  • Transport

    We support projects that develop transport infrastructure including rail systems and services, ports and harbours, ferries, roads, bridges and tunnels. We prioritise projects that create regional trade corridors.

  • Water

    We support projects that provide water and water-related services to urban or rural populations. We prioritise the treatment and supply of clean drinking water and the development of irrigation systems for farms and market gardens.


We will only get involved in a project if we can bring something additional, something that is unique to us that other private or DFI parties can not bring to the project. We will not subsidise other investors’ returns but instead look to invest in early-stage projects that are too risky for others alone, but have the potential to be bankable and raise sufficient investment at Financial Close.

For us, being additional does not just mean providing scarce capital. Our involvement may enable a project to run a pilot to build investor confidence or pioneer a technology or business model for the first time within a country. Our involvement may also mean that the project adopts international environmental, social or governance standards or implements additional benefit-sharing programmes for local communities. For InfraCo Africa, being additional is fundamental to achieving our purpose and delivering on our Donors’ goals.


InfraCo Africa can provide the funding and project development expertise needed to take an infrastructure project from concept to bankable investment opportunity. We can work with projects directly where they already have an experienced lead developer or we can provide on-the-ground project development expertise through our own developer teams. As a member of the Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG) we can also source additional grant, equity and subordinated debt financing.

We can work with a project from concept to operation but specialise in providing the funding and expertise needed to develop a project through to Financial Close.

We can work with a project from concept to operation but specialise in providing the funding and expertise needed to develop a project through to Financial Close. Invest through debt or equity Provide bridge-financing Source grant funding Provide on-the-ground expertise Finance development activities Provide expert oversight and management

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InfraCo Africa's projects have been recognised internationally for innovation, quality and sustainability.

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InfraCo Africa funds pre-financial close infrastructure development in sub-Saharan Africa.