Where we are working

  • Mobilised US$2bn investment
  • Created 8,240 jobs
  • Benefiting 13m people

Over the last ten years we’ve received US$126 million in funding and have developed projects that mobilised US$2 billion of investment, from the private sector and from Development Finance Institutions (DFIs). This investment has provided new infrastructure for approximately 13 million people, improving living standards and powering economic growth. Our projects employ over 8,000 people either during construction or once new services are operational.

Over the next ten years we will do even more.

We are actively deepening our pipeline and growing our business, with the result that each year we commit support to more early-stage projects. The dependency between power and economic development is just one reason why power will continue to be a focus for us. However, we are also increasing our interest in water and marine transport: seeking innovative ways to incorporate water initiatives into power projects and so attract investment into frontier markets. We continue to focus on innovative or pioneering projects and will increase the volume of pilot projects we provide capital and support to, getting projects operational sooner and demonstrating their viability.


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Cameroon: Élan Solar

Harnessing solar potential

  • 50MWAC Solar
  • Our commitment: US$1.7m

Under active development: Élan Solar will deliver 50MWAC of electricity to Cameroon’s national grid, it will be one of the country’s first commercial-scale solar IPPs

Malawi: Golomoti Solar

Building Malawi’s solar energy future

  • 26MWp solar
  • Our commitment: US$2.3m

Under active development: Replicating its sister project, Salima Solar, to establish Malawi’s Solar IPP track record.

Malawi: Salima Solar

Starting the journey to solar power

  • 60MW solar
  • Our commitment: US$2.6m

Under Active Development.  One of the first commercial scale solar IPPs in Malawi, increasing installed capacity by up to 60MW and providing much needed renewable power to the national grid.

Chad: Djermaya Solar

Lighting the way for renewables in Chad

  • 60MWp Solar
  • Our Commitment: US$3m

Under Active Development. The Djermaya Solar project will develop 60MW of solar PV in two phases, gradually integrating renewable power into Chad’s national grid. By establishing a cross-sector task force, this project is drawing on both public and private sector expertise to rapidly develop a solution that is bankable and aligned with the Government of Chad’s aspirations.

Zambia: Chiansi

Scaling up smallholder access to irrigation

  • Irrigation
  • Our Commitment: US$12.5m
  • Total Commitment: US$29m
  • <960 Smallholders

Under Construction: The Chiansi project will extend existing bulk water infrastructure, delivering sufficient canal capacity to irrigate up to 3,500ha. The project will also establish a 1,336ha commercial farm and provide irrigated market gardens for up to 960 smallholders.

Guinea: Khoumagueli Solar

Diversifying Guinea's energy mix

  • 40MWp Solar
  • Our Commitment: US$3.1m

Under Active Development. As the first grid-connected solar plant in Guinea, the Khoumagueli project will diversify Guinea’s national energy mix and increase installed capacity by 40MWp. Khoumagueli’s power will complement that provided by a nearby hydro facility, compensating for reductions in daytime output when water levels fall or whilst the plant is being refurbished.

Zambia: Standard Microgrid

Delivering off-grid solar power solutions for Zambia

  • Off-grid Solar
  • Our Commitment: US$3.5m

Under Active Development. This project will deploy over 150 10kWp micro power utilities across Zambia. Standard Microgrid’s modular solar technology and proprietary grid management tools are designed to be deployed quickly in remote areas, enabling isolated communities to operate solar PV micro-grids.

Nigeria: Abiba Solar

Unlocking northern Nigeria's solar potential

  • 50MWp Solar
  • Our Commitment: US$1.65m

Under Active Development. The project will construct a 50MWp ground-mounted solar PV facility which will integrate with existing grid infrastructure. Abiba Solar will be the first privately developed renewable power plant in Kaduna State, in northern Nigeria.

Tanzania: Redavia

Packaging up power for rural Tanzania

  • Off-grid Solar
  • Our Commitment: US$5m

Operational. Redavia Tanzania Asset Ltd is an innovative solar PV rental business that provides containerised off-grid power to businesses and communities in Tanzania. InfraCo Africa is providing the capital and support needed to rapidly scale up this business, with the intention of deploying 30 containers across rural Tanzania.

Mozambique: Pavua

Tapping the potential of water

  • 160MW Hydro
  • Our Commitment: US$8m

Under Active Development: This project will construct a dam and 160MW hydroelectric power plant on the Pungué River in Central Mozambique. Mozambique is vulnerable to climate change, experiencing frequent floods and droughts that coupled with power deficits are constraining its economic development. This project will tap into the country’s significant hydro potential to generate clean power and dampen fluctuations in downstream river flows.

Ethiopia: Corbetti

Green growth powered by the earth's core

  • 70MW Geothermal
  • Our Commitment: US$30m

Under Active Development. The Corbetti project will initially develop up to 70MW of geothermal power before gradually mobilising a further US$2billion in foreign direct investment to increase installed capacity to 500MW.  This pioneering project will be situated on a greenfield site, prove a new geothermal resource and be not only the first geothermal IPP in Ethiopia but also only the second in sub-Saharan Africa.

Zambia: Western Power

Harnessing the power of waterfalls

  • 180MW Hydro
  • Our Commitment: US$5m

Under Active Development. The Western Power Company will develop a 180MW run-of-river hydropower plant in Zambia’s Western Province: harnessing the untapped potential of the Zambezi River’s waterfalls to deliver clean, sustainable power. The project will not only provide power to the national grid, helping to alleviate economically crippling power deficits, but also directly and positively impact families living in the surrounding area through a pioneering benefit-sharing programme.

Zambia: Chanyanya

Working in partnership to grow Zambia’s future

  • Irrigation
  • Our Commitment: US$1.6m
  • Total Commitment: US$4.8m
  • 126 smallholders

Operational. An innovative pilot, the Chanyanya project installed the bulk water infrastructure required to provide infield irrigation to 148 hectares of land leased from a smallholder’s cooperative. The project farms this irrigated land and also provides irrigated market garden plots to local smallholders.

Uganda: Kalangala Infrastructure Services

Making connections for a brighter future

  • Marine transport
  • Water
  • Road
  • 1.6MW solar diesel
  • Our Commitment: US$7.7m
  • Total Commitment: US$49m
  • Up to 30,000

Operational. KIS is a pioneering mixed utility company that: operates two modern roll-on roll-off ferries; purifies and distributes clean water; provides affordable solar power; and has upgraded Bugala Island’s 66km main road.

Ghana: Cenpower

From concept to commercial reality

  • 350MW Gas
  • Total Commitment: US$903m
  • >8,250,000

Under Construction. Fully Exited. Cenpower Generation Ltd (Cenpower) will construct and operate an efficient 350MW combined-cycle gas turbine plant, the first greenfield, project-financed IPP in Ghana.

Cape Verde: Cabeólica

Powering a sustainable future for Cape Verde

  • 25.5MW Wind
  • Total Commitment: €60.9m
  • 360,000

Operational. Fully Exited. Cabeólica is a groundbreaking project, that constructed 30 wind turbines across four of Cape Verde’s islands and established Cabeólica SA as the first Public Private Partnershp (PPP) to deliver commercial scale wind power in sub-Saharan Africa. Today, Cabeólica has an installed capacity of 25.5MW and supplies 25% of the electricity consumed in Cape Verde.

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