Our Impact

Mobilised US$1.1bn
Created >4,200 jobs
Benefited >8.5m people

InfraCo Africa was established in 2004. Since then we have successfully developed thirteen projects through to Financial Close, of which we have fully exited three. InfraCo Africa currently has twelve projects under development, six under construction and four operational assets. We are also exploring a range of new opportunities across sub-Saharan Africa.

We’ve mobilised US$1.1bn in committed investment from Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) and the private sector to date. This investment has provided 8.5 million people with new or improved access to infrastructure and generated over 4,200 jobs, improving living standards and powering economic growth.

InfraCo Africa believes in building capacity within the markets and countries that it operates in. It does this by sourcing grants to provide support directly to governments and by co-chairing the Africa Infrastructure Development Association (AfIDA).

Lawrence Ligunda

Creating connections

Lawrence Ligunda recently retired as captain of the MV Ssese, one of Kalangala Infrastructure Services’ regular ferries linking Bugala Island and the Ugandan mainland. Our KIS project is connecting people and stimulating business growth.

Pilly Mwashiyombo

Improving school results

Pilly is a teacher in Shitunguru, power enables her to prepare lessons in the evenings and provide revision classes for her students. Our REDAVIA project is lighting up education.

Miriam Mutende

Diversifying family incomes

Miriam is a smallholder farmer in Chanyanya. Irrigation enables her to grow vegetables year-round, providing income security for her family. Our Chanyanya Irrigation project is providing peace of mind.

Isaac Phiri

Sharing knowledge

Isaac is an Agronomist employed by Chanyanya Smallholders Cooperative Society. He supports members’ efforts to maximise yields from the irrigated market gardens.  Our Chanyanya Irrigation project is encouraging knowledge sharing.

Fergus Cochrane-Dyet

Supporting replicable solutions

Fergus is the Former British High Commissioner to Zambia. During his time in post he represented the UK Department for International Development on a visit to InfraCo Africa’s Chiansi project. Our Chiansi Irrigation project is creating a model for sustainable agriculture.

Monday Machenje

Maximising yields

Monday is Chair of Chanyanya Smallholders Cooperative Society. He ensures that his fellow smallholders make effective use of irrigation.  Our Chanyanya Irrigation project is developing agricultural expertise.

Mwala Judith Mwangala

Enabling bright futures

Mwala is a retired deputy headteacher in Demu.  Irrigation will support her vision to provide vocational training for young people in her community. Our Chiansi Irrigation project will provide new opportunities.

Elly Mwasenga

Driving diverse local economies

Elly is a welder. With access to reliable solar power, he can weld motorbikes and farm equipment locally, providing convenience for his customers and improving business.  Our REDAVIA project is driving local economic growth.

Charles Chipwanyepwanye

Empowering rural farmers

Charles is the Chair of Demu Irrigation Cooperative Society. Irrigation will help him to realise his vision for productive and profitable farming.  Our Chiansi Irrigation project will transform farmers’ livelihoods.

Steward Kandonga

Increasing profitability

Steward runs a shop and cinema in rural Isenzanya; with reliable solar power business is flourishing. Our REDAVIA project is powering rural economies.

Florence Tesha

Inspiring powerful ambitions

Florence is REDAVIA’s Managing Director for Tanzania, she engages with customers to maximise the potential of access to power. Our REDAVIA project is inspiring people.

Dr Batuusa Florence

Advancing healthcare

Dr Batuusa Florence is the former Director of Health Centre IV on Bugala Island. With access to reliable power, clean water and safer transport links, the Centre can better meet the needs of its patients.  Our KIS project is improving health outcomes.

Hakim Simchimba

Stimulating economic creativity

Hakim is a farmer and mill owner, he has embraced REDAVIA’s clean, reliable solar power to fuel his business ambitions. Our REDAVIA project is stimulating creative business ideas.

Nabukenya Goreti

Sustaining healthy lives

Nabukenya Goreti manages a water stand tap for Kalangala Infrastructure Services on Bugala Island, Uganda. Being a tap manager supplements her income and ensures that customers have clean drinking water. Our KIS project is sustaining healthy lives.

Often Mainza

Opening up opportunities

Often is Secretary of the Demu Irrigation Cooperative Society.  Irrigation will enable him to achieve food security and support his children’s education. Our Chiansi Irrigation project will enable children to go to school.

KIS ferry crew

Training local mariners

Ssekiziyivu Martin, Ephraim Kisakye Kiggundu and Theresah Namutebi are part of the crew of Kalangala Infrastructure Services’ scheduled ferry service which links Bugala Island and the Ugandan mainland. Our KIS project is training local mariners.

Ssengaba Ronald

Opening up markets

Ssengaba Ronald manages fishing at the Kasenyi Beach landing site, Bugala Island, Uganda.  With access to reliable power, clean water and safer transport links, his business is thriving. Our KIS project is opening up markets.

Ssawuka Martin

Powering career aspirations

Ssawuka Martin owns a welding business on Bugala Island, Uganda. With KIS power, he can afford to employ four apprentices. Our KIS project is generating local employment opportunities.

Musiime Prosper Vans

Engineering positive change

Musiime Prosper Vans is employed by Kalangala Infrastructure Services as an engineer. He oversees KIS’s multi-sector project on Bugala Island, Uganda. Our KIS project is engineering positive change.

Allan Mero

Empowering customers

Allan manages REDAVIA’s toll-free customer care hotline, ensuring that customers can get the best from their power connection. Our REDAVIA project is enabling customers to maximise the potential of power.

Wayne Carbutt

Creating local employment

Wayne is Chiansi Farming Company’s Project Manager. The company trains and employs local people in a range of farming and construction roles. Our Chiansi Irrigation project is boosting rural employment.

Mark M. Nyamusanga

Supporting local solutions

Mark is a smallholder farmer in Chanyanya. Among the project’s founders, he is passionate about the benefits it has delivered for local people. Our Chanyanya Irrigation project is changing lives.

Felix Chizhuka

Bringing people together

Felix is InfraCo Africa’s Project Consultant for the Chiansi Irrigation project. He liaises with multiple stakeholders to build consensus. Our Chiansi Irrigation project is uniting people to achieve lasting impact.

Richard Justin Mwamlima

Empowering future generations

Richard is a father, by connecting to REDAVIA’s solar mini-grid, he can power appliances in his home, improving family life and supporting his children’s education. Our REDAVIA project is empowering future generations.

Geofrey Sabuni

Leading for sustainable change

Geofrey is Head of Operations for REDAVIA in Tanzania, he manages the company’s solar farms, ensuring that customers receive 24/7 power. Our REDAVIA project is providing leadership for sustainable change.

Christopher Mwamlima

Attracting young entrepreneurs

Christopher is self-employed using REDAVIA solar power. Access to reliable power influenced his decision to return to his home village of Shitunguru from the capital city. Our REDAVIA project is bringing young people home.

Yohana Mwamlima

Extending business hours

Yohana owns a barbershop in Shitunguru, with affordable solar power he can cut hair in the evenings and plans to open a second salon. Our REDAVIA project is powering business growth.

Musa Haonga

Generating skilled employment

Musa is employed by REDAVIA as an electrical technician, fulfilling his career aspirations in his home town of Shitunguru. Our REDAVIA project is creating job opportunities.

Roida Kajiba

Supporting healthier lives

Roida is a community health worker in Shitunguru, she has noticed improvements in residents’ health and well-being since the arrival of REDAVIA’s solar mini-grid. Our REDAVIA project is supporting better health outcomes.

Yohana Mapumba

Securing local jobs

Yohana provides security for REDAVIA’s solar farm in Isenzanya; he has a reliable source of income and is developing new skills. Our REDAVIA project is securing local employment.

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